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One of our reasons for being is to become part of the environment and its natural cycles. Through cuisine we intend to awaken the senses to feel part of the nearby landscape so that each spoonful reminds of forest flavors, tranquility and well-being. Likewise, noticing what every season offers converts each time of the year into a culinary challenge and a unique gastronomic experience.


This fusion with the environment also implies a commitment to the authenticity of the zone and its original products and traditions. With this philosophy, our cuisine seeks a balance between tradition and innovation, aiming to link the ancient cuisine and new ways of cooking.


Berguedà has traditionally been a cultivation land of many types of legumes and its own vegetables. Black peas or corn have been part of this ancient cuisine since inmemorial times. "Xicoria" is the berguedana lettuce and the mushrooms or bushmeat are basics in our cuisine.


Our social commitment leads into an ethical and respectful cuisine with a whole range of personal sensitivities. For this reason, the menu includes dishes suitable for any type of diet and it is adapted to any food intolerance.


To enjoy a full experience our dishes are designed to be eaten and enjoyed from top to bottom, so that all tastes mix together in the mouth, providing the firmness of the earth and the freshness of the pure air at once.

The basic ingredients

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