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Our green philosophy

The backbone of our project is based on ethical values towards a respect for the environment. Given the geographical location, a key element for sustainable development is the local network action and the promotion of a small-scale economy in order to bring diversity and wealth to the zone. That is why the choice of local suppliers and partners is crucial. On the one hand, we choose local suppliers in order to promote the local economy and maintain the traditions of the territory. On the other hand, in a globalized market, we seek to work with companies that also have environmentally friendly values in their company policy and work to incorporate ecological and sustainable processes.


Our commitment to promoting a model of sustainable tourism based on social and ecological responsibility has led us to set environmental practices in our daily lives:

  • Guarantee of energy savings in lighting

  • Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

  • Promotion of the reuse of towels for one-more-than-one-day stays

  • Offer of seasonal and local cuisine


It is believed that sustainable development leads into wealth creation and that reducing environmental impact and increasing eco-efficiency are the main ways for a company to contribute towards sustainable development. That is why our main current development projects are focused on promoting the use of renewable energy, such as: the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption of energy and an electric charger for the promotion of use of the electric vehicle.

Environmental co-responsibility

In addition, this green commitment  should be also made by every guest. Our philosophy also aims to instill in them a responsible and sustainable consumption of natural resources derived from their stay. During the stay at the hotel, we encourage you to carry out some of these good practices:


Air conditioning

  • Be thoughtful about the temperature. In winter an indoor temperature of between 19 and 20 °C is enough to provide comfort. During the night it can be reduced to 16 or 17°C

  • Turn off the air conditioners when the rooms are unoccupied

  • Turn off the heating when the windows are opened



  • Have a shower. The consumption of a shower ranges from 30-40 liters whereas a bath wasts more than 20 liters

  • Reuse towels instead of replacing them everyday

  • Priorize cold tap water consumption



  • Do not leave the lights on when the room is unoccupied

  • Illuminate as needed. Excessive lighting creates an uncomfortable environment and unnecessary energy expenditure

  • Take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible

  • Turn off electronic devices with the switch, to prevent them from being in a permanent state (or stand-by), as they continue to consume power

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